How To Use Direction Hair Colours

  Step 1 Pop on something old in case you get messy. Shampoo the hair with a PH balanced shampoo (Directions Shampoo recommended)  Without boring you with the science, these shampoos help the hair achieve the best acid balance – which in turns helps Directions develop as well as it can.   Step 2 Apply Directions with the aid of … Continue reading

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How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extension After Care   When caring for your hair extensions, it is imperative you get the after care down to a T and keep your hair extensions looking fresh, new and nourished every day!    Here are a few tips and after care advice when caring for human hair extensions:    * Always use a specially formulated shampoo … Continue reading

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Half Head Wig Application, Tips & Advice

  How To Apply Your Half Head Wig

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Evelyn Half Head Wig