HeadKase Hair Bag for Hair Extensions

HeadKase Hair Bag for Hair Extensions
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  • Perfect travel bag
  • Ready made workstation
  • Heatproof and Waterproof
  • Leopard or Zebra print
  • Extend the life of your hair extensions
  • Store and style your extensions easily

Introducing the new HeadKase Hair Bag for clip-in and other hair extensions, a professional way to store and maintain your hair.

There are two ways to hang your Headkase:
1. Using the two plastic hooks that hang from virtually anything.
2. Using four suction cups to stick to your mirror or ceramic tiles.

There are 8 detachable plastic clips that can hold a full set of hair extensions or 8 small hair pieces.

The bag is heatproof and waterproof and folds up easily and neatly to fit inside your handbag, overnight bag or kit bag.

The headkase is an essential item to keep your hair extensions perfect and pristine.

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  • SKU: P4335
  • Brand: HeadKase
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